raster color scale/symbology for multiple rasters

08-14-2016 01:21 AM
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I have 5 raster layers depicting different temperature levels across a given geographic space. I need to use a common/same ‘Stretched” color ramp to show how this phenomenon varies across space, where a given color in the color scale in each of the raster layers represent same value in all the layers. Kindly see attached sample. I need it in a “stretched” style.I use ArcGIS 10.3.1

I have tried a couple of things which haven’t worked yet.

I made a dummy raster with values equivalent to the min-max of the 5 rasters. The lowest value of all the raster is 5 and the max is 74. So, I created a dummy raster with min value of 5 and max as 74. Layer properties-Symbology-I then symbolized the dummy with a color ramp of choice, choose -minimum-maximun- under “Stretch” and choose -From Custom Setting (below)- under setting under “Statistics”. Save the layer as layer file. lyr

The problem is that when I import the symbology or apply the layer file, all the raster retain same symbology and shows same min-max values (5 and 74). I need them to show their real values-such as 34 to 58 and the colors should reflect that range in the common color scale/symbology.


How do I go about this? I need a quick way out. I am not experienced in Python or other programming languages, but with detailed steps I can also try if that’s the only way out.

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