PythonWin Error "Failed to Create Empty Document"

04-15-2016 10:51 AM
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If I try to open a document from Python Win I get the error "Failed to create an empty document."  It came up again when I was debugging by Step and it tried to open new windows.  I can open the documents from Windows Explorer which I have been doing all semester, but it would be nice to fix. I downloaded Python for Win32 and have ArcMap 10.2.2.  not sure if it is a version issue.

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you need the pythonwin version 2.7.x for 32bit and make sure that you don't have any other versions of python installed unless you know what you are doing.  Your pythonwin should appear in the c:\python27\etc \site_packages folder.  You can create a shortcut there using the pythonw.exe file.  copy/sent that to your desktop.  Try to avoid doing the double-clicky thing to open files...yes, I know it works and is convenient but the accumulated time you might save will only give you 1/2 hour over a lifetime... use the file-open method.

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