Python script using Make Query Table Tool is changing field definitions

03-07-2017 01:33 PM
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I've had a running python script for 5+ years in which it utilizes the Make Query Table Tool and Copy Rows tool to create a .dbf table.   All has been running fine until upgrading to 10.4.1.  The original table is accessed thru an OL db connection with Make Query Tool/Copy Rows and copied to a .dbf.  However many of the records with a "short integer" field are being changed to a "long integer".  This did not occur prior to the upgrade.  I've tested the tools directly in ArcCatalog and get the same results, so I don't think it's related to the script itself.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Eddie Q.

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Hi Eddie,

I haven't used the tools you mention much but perhaps the root of the problem you see could be in what was discussed in this thread: 


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Thank you for pointing this out.  I didn't realize the problem started in 10.3.  Based on your original post, it seems this is a known issue and a big one at that.  I agree with the thread

that ESRI needs to look at this and fix the bug.  Unless it's addressed I guess i'll have to rewrite my scipts to account for this bug.

Thanx again, Eddie