Python Clone Upgrade Failure

05-15-2024 07:01 AM
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To All Python GIS Users:

I had created several clones in Pro 3.2.2 and I have since upgraded to Pro 3.3.0.  One of the clones was successfully upgraded thru the Package Manager User interface, but the other clone upgrade failed without any logging to help reveal why the failure occurred.

Has anyone encountered a clone upgrade failure before?

If so, any idea what could cause a clone upgrade failure?

Any help or hints are greatly appreciated.

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I have found if you have installed the deep learning packages, you need to uninstall those before you clone. Not sure this would solve an upgrade through package manager, every time I have ever used that it fails!

So my steps have always been: uninstall deep learning, kill off cloned environment, clone a new one, install packages again. That's about the only thing that ever worked for me.

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