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Python Add-In: Check for newer version

05-16-2019 09:02 AM
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I'm building a Python add-In to work with our file geodatabase (simplify data entry, popular searches, zoom to, export, etc.). Right now, I'm the only one using it, but soon it will be made available to other users.

The Problem is: The add-in is far from final, and so it will change quite a lot. The gdb may change too, although to a far lesser extent.

To avoid errors (Python exceptions as well as corrupt data entries) and to be sure to provide the newest version, I'd like to disable the add-in if it's not the latest version. Ideally, the toolbar would be disabled and a message box would be displayed whwen starting ArcMap or activating the add-in to install the newest version. 

Is there any way / best practice to do this?

(Right now, I'm thinking of checking a hardcoded version number versus a text file at a hardcoded location on our network and setting the "enabled" variable of the toolbar elements accordingly, but that seems somewhat clunky.)

Have a great day!
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