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'Point' object has no attribute 'point' (Help)

11-21-2022 06:07 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am trying to project a line perpendicular from the midpoint along a polyline that I have split at regular intervals. I am getting the below error but everything up to that point seems to be working. Can someone advise on what I am doing wrong? I guess there is an obvious simple step with transforming the original shapefile that I am missing. Thanks!



from math import atan2, pi
import arcpy as arc
input_shp = 'C:/Users/agood/OneDrive - USN/Python/Paper 1 Analysis/Python/Meltwater Tran_SplitLineAtPo.shp'

e = 1e-10 #epsilon

Cursor = arcpy.SearchCursor(input_shp)
for feature in Cursor:
    Midpoint = feature.shape.positionAlongLine(0.5,True).firstPoint #find midpoint along each line segment
    #getpoints immediately before and after midpoint
    before = feature.shape.positionAlongLine(0.5-e,True).firstPoint 
    after = feature.shape.positionAlongLine(0.5+e,True).firstPoint
    dX = after.X - before.X
    dY = after.Y - before.Y
    #return angle of midpoint section. We will plot a line at 90 degrees from this angle. 
    angle = atan2(dX, dY)* 180/pi
    newpoint=Midpoint.point.pointFromAngleAndDistance(angle + 90, 400)

AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
In  [33]:
Line 16:    newpoint=Midpoint.point.pointFromAngleAndDistance(angle + 90, 400)

AttributeError: 'Point' object has no attribute 'point'


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