Point geometry to feature class?

08-01-2017 07:02 AM
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I am trying to take a point in a xy coordinate and putting a gis coordinate with it. Now I am taking the pointgeometry  and creating a feature class or a shapefile. What is the function for this? and how can I make it have unique file names after every loop?

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Python is very picky about spacing, and their should be a ":" after your for and if statements, with the next lines indented.  Correct that and repost your code using https://community.esri.com/people/curtvprice/blog/2014/09/25/posting-code-blocks-in-the-new-geonet?s...

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In one of your other threads... Copy Features was recommended.  Posting in one location makes it easier for people to keep track of a question and its incarnations.

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