Is there a way to plot spatial DataFrames outside of the API? Similar to just using GeoPandas.

10-01-2019 10:44 AM
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Hi, I'm trying to find a way to plot my spatial dataframes within an arcpy/arcgis Jupyter Notebook, without connecting to ArcGIS online. Ideally, it would be similar to GeoPandas, where I can just use matplotlib's .plot(). 

Thank you!

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Hi Andrew,

A bit more information on the type of data you're loading into the SEDFs would be helpful. As you're working with ArcPy, I'll assume at least some of it is local data. In that case, the requirement to be signed is by design:

That being said, with more information on what you're trying to load there may be some other options to explore. The fiona package, for example, allows you to open File Geodatabase feature classes, shapefiles, GeoJSON, etc. If you're loading Feature Services into the SEDF then that might be trickier. 


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