Is there a way in Arcpy, to loop through the annotation symbol collection?

12-01-2016 08:20 AM
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Is there a way in Arcpy, to loop through the symbol collection to get back some attributes of each item in the symbol collection list (symbol ID, symbol name, font size, etc.)? I'm working in ArcGIS desktop 10.4.

I need to do this in arcpy, but what I'm talking about is the information that you see in ArcCatalog's Annotation tab of the Feature Class Properties dialog. There is a list box with the title "Symbol Collection". The symbol ID appears in parenthesis and right next to it is symbol name.

As seen in the image below, if I could get this information through Arcpy, it would be ideal.

   ID = 14, Name = size_1

   ID = 23, Name = size_10

   ID = 113, Name = size_100

Image of an annotation feature class properties dialog in ArcCatalog. Showing the Symbol Collection list box.

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Lots of stuff in arcpy, but no mention of annotations... symbology, yes

What is ArcPy?—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop 

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