How to translate a field from Arabic to English and vice versa?

07-25-2015 11:50 PM
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How to translate a field from Arabic to English and vice versa?,

I wonder if there is a way or an expression that may help in translation a value from one language to other?




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You may try the tool Free sentence translator, full text translation, message translation, phrase translation, text trans... However, it is not able to apply coding by Python...

Generally,  it is really challenging to use coding technique with the translation tools like Google Translator for automation of language translation from complex languages like Arabia to English. The reasons may include:

Machine translations are useful for getting a general idea about what text written in a foreign language means. However, "general idea" isn't always exactly accurate; the translator literally translates (word for word) the text which often results in grammatically incorrect, if not completely incoherent, text...

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Thank you Irray, but this way seems not helpful. I need to translate thousands of values, this will cost me a lot of times!!! and it is easy for me to review the translational instead of translate all the values.

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