How to set processing template while adding raster to mosaic dataset using Python

12-24-2021 03:44 AM
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I am trying to execute the "Add Raster to Mosaic Dataset" tool using arcpy.

but while using arcpy we don't get the option to add the processing template. No parameter is available in the arcpy function to add raster to mosaic dataset.

I want to select the "Multispectral-10m" template as I am only interested in 10m .




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Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Input path

File—One or more raster datasets stored in a folder on disk, an image service definition file (.ISDef), or a raster process definition file (.RPDef) will be used as input. The file list will ignore files that do not correspond to the raster type being added. Do not use this option with file formats that are raster datasets, such as TIFF or MrSID files; use the Dataset input type instead.

It matches the Arctoolbox tool description

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Sorry, I still did not get how can I use processing template by using the Input path parameter.


The above is what I am trying to execute from arcpy.

but I am not able to select the Processing Templates: Multispectral-10m from arcpy function.

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