How do I export multiple pdfs from DDP with specific page names?

09-04-2018 07:45 AM
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I am trying to export ~250 pdf's from data driven pages. I want each page to have a specific name which is in the attribute table for the layer I am using for DDP. I have the script I am trying to use attached.

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When in the "Data Driven Page Setup" window where you selected the layer to be used as the data driven index, you are able to select a 'Name Field'.

Subsequently, when exporting map, choose the 'Pages' tab, and select the option to export all maps, using a 'name'. When you enter a name into the GUI for your maps, it will then add the name attribute to the end.

For example you enter "Maps_" and it will export "Maps_Map1Name.pdf", Maps_Map2Name.pdf" etc.