Error Message 010029: Unable to create the raster.......................

04-07-2012 11:17 AM
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Here is an error message I receive when I attempt to run a custom toolbox:

ERROR 010029: Unable to create the raster C:\Temp\SAMPLE_ROUTING_PROJECT\analysis\alternate_corridors\intermediare\proximity_raw.  Distance mapping is failed.
Error in executing grid expression
Failed to execute (Straight-line Distance Calculation for Building Proximity).

Any suggestions as the cause of not being able to create  the raster and any solution suggestions?

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Have you explored the possible causes of the error you are getting?
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I received this message trying to run the longest flow path in Hec GeoHMS, followed by the error 010067.  I went to the ApUtilities>set target locations in archydro and found that the raster data was set to the vector data folder.  Once I rectified this it ran.
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I received the error message "ERROR 010029" when trying to do kriging in ArcGIS Pro. It turns out the cause was that the output raster contained invalid characters. The error mesage description was completly useless in finding the problem. Output name validation should occur at the moment we enter the raster name in the geoprocessing tool.

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I got "ERROR 010029" when trying to do calculate different raster's Kernel Densities with modelbuilder.

However, for me it is not an output raster containing invalid characters issue, since I can run it fine without modelbuilder.

I am still working on resolving this issue.

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