ERROR 010213: Error in reading raster Zonal statistics program failed ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression.

08-27-2017 03:37 AM
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this is really a frequent crash when i use the toolbox? I still can't figure out what is the cause? Could anyone help find out a solution or provide any suggestion? Thks in adv..orz

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What tool or process did you use to trigger that error? Did you try searching for the error to see if anyone else has encountered it in the past? It looks like there might be a few past geonet posts about it.


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I'v looked at the desktop help for information about the error code, and also I've googled it, but few good answers, most comes from the online help.

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From one of my other posts..

.....that error 010067 comes up a lot under scenarios.  The suggestion begins with ensuring you are working with projected rasters and try to send the outputs to a real folder with a short path and grid compliant filename.  Try an esri grid as the destination file type, then a *.tif.  Make sure you have specified, the analysis extent and check the raster file sizes and anything else in the Environments tab of the tool in arctoolbox when you run it from there.....

The 010213 error is fairly old... ensure that your zone raster is integer, if you are using one... and sometimes the 010067 causes a cascade back to it.

If the error is frequent when you are working with rasters, I suspect that your are using folders that are too long, contain spaces and are perhaps using esri grids with too long a grid name.  In short, when working with raster data, keep everything simple.  Should that fail to clear stuff up, your workspace folders may need a good house cleaning... and as a last resort... reset your application profile.... and if that doesn't work, do a 'repair' on the software (under add/remove programs through windows 

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I think the problems from the sr.lock mechanism, when the raster was read or written in other thread, current thread can't handle this file.

So, keeping try until it's succeed will be the workaround, and it really works for my situation.

Here's the code:

while True:


        #code generate these errors




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