Compare spatial and attribute changes between two feature classes and use changes to update other feature classes

10-07-2020 08:56 AM
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I have two line feature classes, I need to compare the two(One being constantly edited) to see changes done on the spatial and attribute information, and also be able use these changes to update a master feature class. I need to develop python script or an Arcpy tool to that.

I started with detecting feature changes too in ArcMap and this is what I have so far, Any help would be greatly appreciated. I used shapefiles in the sample code

import arcpy
from arcpy import env

# Set environment settings
env.overwriteOutput = True
env.workspace = r""

# Set local variables
updateFeatures = "O:\All_In\GIS Projects\blocks\blocks\Streetlines_Updated.shp"
baseFeatures = r"O:\All_In\GIS Projects\blocks\blocks\Streetlines_Updated 2020.shp"
dfcOutput = r"O:\All_In\GIS Projects\blocks\blocks\latestUpdates.shp"

search_distance = "300 Feet"
match_fields = "name, class"

statsTable = "new_roads_stats"

# Perform spatial change detection
arcpy.DetectFeatureChanges_management(updateFeatures, baseFeatures, dfcOutput, search_distance, match_fields)

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Hi, this has a dependency on Data Interoperability but may be a start. 

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