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12-04-2016 09:12 PM
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Hai Dear Geonet community,

I am new to GIS i am working as a GIS Developer.I have one small doubt in my Autotracking project.Actually i am using Python and Django framework.

Discussion Question:

1.The Vehicle (Like car,Bus) running 60/Km speed on the map at any direction (North,South,East,West).I want to know the distance of the vehicle after 3Minutes so how to identify could you please anyone guide me.I hope u help me.( GeoNet ESRI Community).


Balaji Ariputhiran

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I don't really understand your question but it sounds like you could use a simple buffer and Intersection for your solution...

Buffer your starting point  by the (distance traveled in  3 minutes) so you would buffer the starting point by 3 Km.  Wherever the buffer intersects your roads system NSEW would be the position of the vehicle 3 minutes from start.

Hope this helps.


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I dont think hes using the ESRI stack at all  Unfortunately we are not the best forum for helping with Django open source framework as we generally utilize ArcGIS Server for these type of requirements.

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Irregardless, the technique would still apply when dealing with geometry?   GEOS API | Django documentation | Django 

Using the open source GEOS, I believe it is called a linear ring ....   In any event, this is ESRI forum and you are correct that this is not the best place for Django questions.  

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