Automating adding of data to map

10-17-2022 12:54 PM
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Hi All,

I've recently finished creating a model (with the help of the ESRI community so thank you!)

I now want to further expand that automation by asking the question:

Is it possible to (by way of python or an existing tool) to automatically pull in a .csv file with XY data, add it to the project as a standalone table and to then plot the xy data.

I was hoping I could then just feed this into my existing model workflow. 

If there isn't a tool I can drag onto my model, any tips/pointers in relation to anything I can read regarding getting python to do this.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your response.

I didn't think you could add that to an automated model workflow? Or can you? 

Do you just drag it into your model?

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You can add any GP Tool or script tool to a model provided it has the appropriate inputs and outputs. When in doubt, just drag something onto the model canvas and see if it works out (using your test data of course).

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