automatic filling of fields in ArcGIS Pro and attribute rule

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09-14-2021 03:10 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello everyone,

I have a table with an exhaustive list of all possible tree types in my city. To this table, a join with the layer of all the trees of the city. I want to launch an update session with the users on ArcGIS Pro. My goal is that when a user will create a tree, from an input value that the other fields are calculated.
In this case, the input value comes from a field to be created which will consist of the two values [Genus] and [Species]
Once the value is entered and entered into the database, all the following fields must be calculated:
- Vernacular name ([name_fr])
- Index number ([numb_index])
- Genus
- Species
- Family
- Order

Could someone help me with a python script or advice on how to formalize the process?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Arcade... see Solved: Attribute rule in python - Esri Community

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