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Automate Map Production

03-31-2021 11:17 AM
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      I am hoping someone can help. I am trying to automate the publication of 50 different readerfiles. So here is my set up.

     My Mxds read from an Admin_Geodatabase and I regularly override those shapefiles with new shapefiles when I get them or updating existing shapefiles. The MXDs will automatically drawn in the new shapefile but then I have to go to each MXD and republish the reader maps. Is there any way to write a script??

So I don't think there is a function - ExportPMF  so I was trying to use it in model builder but I wasn't sure if you are able to use extensions or even sure how to add them to the model builder. 

Open Mxd
Click Publish Map
Parameters for File location and file name
Click ok
Click yes for override
close Mxd 
Repeat for next 49 Mxds

Would anyone be able to help me with this? 

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Hello @mmedinamilam152 

I believe you can automate an ArcGIS Publisher workflow using python, so I'm going to move this question to the Python Questions board where you might find an answer.

Additional Info:

ArcGIS Publisher | Share & Distribute Digital Maps & Data

An overview of Publisher - ArcMap | Documentation

Publishing a map service with Python - ArcMap | Documentation 

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Well, you moved your response to his question, but the question itself isn't here

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Is there a way to create an automated Readerfile publish?  I have a good understand what order the script needs to be but I have little to no scripting background. I looked online to see if their was like ExportPMF function in the arcpy library and their isn't.  Man that would make my life easy. 

So now, I am trying from the basics. 

Open Map, 
Open Publisher Extension
Select Publish Map

file path variable =G:\APN Maps

File name -Fresno_County.pmf

If override select yes. 

Wait 2 minutes. 

Close Map. 

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That is correct for online publishing. I already know those scripts. I need it for creating a PMF for readers.  

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