ArcPy to extract elevation from Raster DEM.

03-02-2017 06:51 AM
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I have a Raster DEM and I would like to extract elevations from it based on the lat longs and update those elevation values in the database. I have searched for classes and functions in ArcPy to deal with this task. I found RasterToNumPy() function but I am not able to understand what this function does and how could I use it to make my job done. Any help in founding the right function in ArcPy to deal with Raster data or a sample script would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Abdul,

Perhaps you are looking for the Extract Values to Points Tool?

Also, your question is about arcpy but you filed it into the space for ArcGIS JS API, which is different thing. Arcpy is the Python interface. If you can, move your question to the Python space so more Python developers can see it.


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Recent example of RasterToNumPyArray and back

but this is a python question for sure

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Also curious...

"have a multi band Raster DEM"

A DEM raster is normally single band, you only have one elevation surely?

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Ahhh, I think you have it Curtis, it is a picture/image of a dem and not a raster that IS a dem

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