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Error 010240 - Could not save raster dataset...

Question asked by GSCUser85 Champion on Feb 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by curtvprice

I am trying to do some raster processing in python.

As this will become a geoprocessing service eventually, I am using env.scratchGDB for storage.

There are several links to this error in Geonet & GIS SE, but I am still stumped.


I have also followed advice from Curtis Curtis Price to also set env.workspace = env.scratchGDB to save on copying time.

This bit works :

rasBase = "rasBase" + DateTimeStamp
rasBaseTmp =, "FLOAT", rasCellSize)


But a few lines on I try to do a con on a difference raster...

rasAboveTmp = Con(arcpy.Raster(rasDiff) > 0, 1)
rasAbove = "rasAbove" + DateTimeStamp

Which gets me this mysterious error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Data\Dev\Sprint4\Scripts\", line 222, in <module>
RuntimeError: ERROR 010240: Could not save raster dataset to C:\Users\nayre\OneDrive\Documents\ArcGIS\scratch.gdb\rasAbove_270217_1524 with output format FGDBR.


Most of the posts refer to trying to save a grid format raster with a filename > 10(?) characters.

But this is a raster going into the scratch fgdb?

Anybody got an idea?


ArcGIS 10.4.1, Win10 64bit