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ArcGIS API for Python : Error while publishing content

07-20-2023 10:24 PM
New Contributor
Dear Team,
I am trying to implement the ArcGIS API for python where in the code im trying to connect to a developer account using an API key, ready a csv file, import into a dataframe and then upload the content as a feature layer.
I have written the code as said in the tutorial. However, it returns an error "'NoneType' object is not subscriptable" at the line csv_item = contentManager.add(csv_properties) as per my understanding.
Please find below the code snippet: (Portion that errs out is highlighted in yellow)


def upload_csv(request):

        csv_filename = request.GET.get("csv_filename","")
        ARC_GIS_API_KEY = apps.get_app_config('arcgis_bridge').ARC_GIS_API_KEY
        if csv_filename:
            if ARC_GIS_API_KEY:

                    gis = GIS(api_key=ARC_GIS_API_KEY)

                    if gis:
                        dir_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
                        print("dir_path :: ", dir_path)
                        data_path = os.path.join(dir_path, "..\input_data")
                        print("data_path :: ", data_path)
                        csv_path = os.path.join(data_path, csv_filename)
                        print("csv_path :: ", csv_path)
                        ports_df = pandas.read_csv(csv_path)
                        # print("ports_df :: ", ports_df)
                        ports_fc = gis.content.import_data(ports_df)
                        print("ports_fc :: ", ports_fc)
                        # ports_fc_dict = dict(
                        ports_fc_dict = dict(ports_fc.layer)
                        # print("ports_fc_dict :: ", ports_fc_dict)
                        ports_json = json.dumps({"featureCollection": {"layers": [ports_fc_dict]}})
                        # print("ports_json :: ", ports_json)
                        csv_properties = {
                            'title': 'test file',
                            'description': 'attempting content upload from API',
                            'tags': 'arcgis, python, testing, csv, importing',
                            'text': ports_json,
                            'type': 'Feature Collection'
                            contentManager = gis.content
                            print("contentManager :: ", contentManager)
                            csv_item = contentManager.add(csv_properties)
                            print("csv_item :: ", csv_item)
                            csv_item_publish = csv_item.publish()
                            print("csv_item_publish :: ", csv_item_publish)
                        except Exception as e:
                            print("csv_item ERROR :: ", str(e))
                            return JsonResponse({"error": True, "message":str(e)})
                        return JsonResponse({"error": False, "message":"CSV Uploaded Successfully.","csv_item_publish":csv_item_publish})
                        return JsonResponse({"error": True, "message":"ARC GIS API CONNECTION COULD NOT BE OBTAINED.","csv_item_publish":{}})
                return JsonResponse({"error": True, "message":"ARC GIS API KEY IS MISSING.","csv_item_publish":{}})
            return JsonResponse({"error": True, "message":"CSV FILE NAME IS MISSING.","csv_item_publish":{}})

    except Exception as e:
        return JsonResponse({"error": True, "message":str(e), "csv_item_publish":''})


Terminal Output:


[21/Jul/2023 10:07:50] "GET /arcgis_bridge/uploadCSV?csv_filename=file1.CSV HTTP/1.1" 200 68
dir_path ::  C:\Users\aksha\Projects\arc_gis\sree_app\arcgis_bridge
data_path ::  C:\Users\aksha\Projects\arc_gis\sree_app\arcgis_bridge\..\input_data
csv_path ::  C:\Users\aksha\Projects\arc_gis\sree_app\arcgis_bridge\..\input_data\file1.CSV
ports_fc ::  <FeatureCollection>
contentManager ::  <arcgis.gis.ContentManager object at 0x0000023BC9E03070>
csv_item ERROR ::  'NoneType' object is not subscriptable


Looking forward to any support on this regard.
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by Anonymous User
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It means that your return from the content.add(...) is None.



Something is not set correctly and it's not adding so when it gets to the print, it cant subscript None to str.

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