ArcGis 10.1 rename column sequence

11-15-2014 09:12 AM
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Arcgis 10.1 / give a query, I order my column sequence in ascending order (eg 1-2-2.1-2.2-3-4-etc), I have to rename the same sequence (ie 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 etc.) please someone know the solution?

I tried the Autoicrement ()

     rec = 0

     final autoIncrement ():

      global rec

      PStart = 1 #adjust start value, if req'd

      pInterval = 1 #adjust interval value, if req'd

      if (rec == 0):

       rec = PStart


       rec = rec + pInterval

      return rec

It performs randomly the rename column (for example the number 1 that must be the 1 becomes 180 uses OID)

Thank you so much

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ArcGIS Team Python posted a nice example with python to add a rank field (but don't use the category field): Ranking field values | ArcPy Café

This post also shows a python solution for your problem:

Kind regards, Xander

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Thank you for showing me this article, I will try soon and tell you if it does work.

Thank you so much


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