Accessing Advanced Symbology with Python - Sample Size for Graduated Symbols Renderer

04-26-2021 12:40 PM
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Is it possible to set the 'sample size' property of  graduated symbology programmatically? The GraduatedSymbolsRenderer  does not have any advanced symbology parameters, but I need to increase the default sample size from 10,000 to 1M in a  Python script.

I would like to avoid having to calculate the 'Natural Breaks' but if need be can anyone recommend a reference?

Thank you in advance!


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I read in that documentation that the advanced properties are not available unless you access via CIM.  Take a look at Python CIM access and see if you want to go that route?

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ldef = layer.getDefinition('V2')
ldef.renderer.sampleSize = 1000000000
layer = layer.setDefinition(ldef)