Access CLSID and EXTCLSID with python

07-09-2019 06:04 PM
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I have a number of objects (feature classes, tables, etc.) that we have copied from an ArcFM sde oracle to a new dev non-ArcFM sde oracle. Most of the original data is ArcFM objects. The copy process is dumping the ArcFM class extensions for many objects but not all. Is it possible to access and modify the values with python to make them "classic esri" objects?

Below is an example of the guids in the xml. This xml was pulled from:

select i.definition from sde.gdb_items_vw i



The in feature class properties as viewed from ArcCatalog it looks like this:


But we want it to look more like this:

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This talks about doing it with vba so I guess now it would be c#. Maybe this is not exposed to python yet?

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