10.1 Doc for System Requirements Python

03-07-2012 09:25 AM
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Good point. Hope you know that you can send feedback to Esri by using the "feedback" button on the page (located in the right hand side upper corner). I guess there are bigger chances to be heard then.
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Yep, I know about the Feedback button, I have used it many times.  I also know that technically 10.1 hasn't been released, and therefore there is a strong likelihood that Esri will see this post as to why I have posted here in place of the Feedback button.  Typically I would use Feedback when I am not in an open beta/pre-release program.  Now if no one sees the post and If its not updated, then its not updated, no worries.
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I can't find anywhere when ESRI predicts that 10.1 will be released.  I know they like to do releases in time for the User Conference but I haven't heard anything.
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The Python topic has been updated! Thanks much!

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