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05-23-2019 07:57 PM
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The Python links II.

The original Py Links was getting a bit packed, and with the demise of python 2 on the horizon, I thought I would make a clean break and focus on python 3.x and its kindred as they ship with ArcGIS Pro.  This link will be a bit thin for a while, but it will fill I am sure.

This is a new listing of things pythonic as they relate to GIS analysis.  It is organized largely by theme and/or package.



Python 3.9 beta... lots of new stuff ... 2020-04-08  perhaps a long wait in Arc*** world

Pathlib for handling paths ... 2020-04-22  A great introduction for handling paths

Python cheat sheet ... 2020-04-02  An really good cheat sheet!  One of the best I have seen

Arcgis 1.8 release notes ...  2020-03-09

Top 10 Python IDE and Code Editors in 2020 - GeeksforGeeks  2020-02-09

Scipy... its history and structure Nature Journal  2020-02-06

Panda 1.0.0 released ... 2020-30-01

NumPy, the absolute beginners guide 2020-01-21

Panda 1.0.0... what's new ... 2020-01-15

PYTHON 2.7 RETIRES ... 2019-12-31

Why is the migration to python 3 taking so long  An interesting history as well  2019-11-15

Guido is heading into retirement Pythonistas.... Guido is heading into retirement 2019-11-05

NumPy 1.17.4 released  Conda install in your ArcGIS Pro distribution or clone works fine.  2019-11-03

Which packages will require python 3? and which ones will support 2.7 and 3.x after December ... 2019-10-08

Python 3.6.9 …. security fixes only... last of the 3.6 line prep for ArcGIS Pro 2.5... 2019-09-25

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JSON5 ... json for humans  2019-07-16

Kite - AI Autocomplete for python coding 2019-06-21  May be coming to Spyder

keras feature extraction on large datasets with deep learning  2019-05-28

New features planned for python 4.0  2019-05-23

Yes, python 4.0.  Still on 2.x???

Version and changelog

Changelog — Python 3.8.2 documentation :

The most current version will be listed, you can descend the tree to find out when particular aspects were implemented.

What’s New in Python — Python 3.8.0a4 documentation 

Same as above, the most current or development version is listed first with previous versions descending.

IDEs for scripting

The ones listed here are available for installation in either your base ArcGIS Pro installation path or a clone of it, depending on whether you are the master of your universe at home/work.

Clone... ArcGIS Pro ... for non administrators


/blogs/dan_patterson/2018/12/13/spyder :  This link provides a visual guide to some of the functionality within Spyder

Spyder docs...  official documentation.

Spyder on GitHub...  A good place to follow changes.

Qt Console

Qt Console... ships with anaconda

Jupyter Lab

Github page, another Jupyter project

Jupyter Notebook

The notebook homepage

Optimize Jupyter Notebooks...               Cool article, some tips apply to spyder

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      NumPy, the absolute beginners guide 

NumPy docs...

Release notes...

NumPy on GitHub...

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scipy docs...

SciPy on GitHub ...

Scipy .... Nature article a great read

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pandas docs...

Pandas on GitHub ...

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ArcGIS Pro

System requirements ...

ArcGIS Pro 2.4 release notes...

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Old News

is good news

Kite - AI Autocomplete for python coding    : 2019-06-21  May be coming to Spyder

Machine Learning Algorithms …. for the beyond mapping types.... 2019-08-27

Python readiness check... 2019-08-27

The Walrus operator in Python 3.8 ... (PEP 572)  : 2019-07-30 

Cool operator, cause of the rift with the BDFL and the rest, perhaps an homage to the Beatles

Speedup your algorithms... Pytorch, Numba, Parallelization, Dask   :  2019-07-20

An excellent 4 part series on improving algorithm speed.  The approaches are different and often complementary.

Spyder 3.3.5 and ArcGIS 1.6.2 available   : 2019-07-16 

Update spyder and ArcGIS through conda if installed that way.

As part of the install (json for humans) is also installed

Python 3.7.4 final release available           : 2019-07-08

Live on the edge... only for Pro though

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