Custom Print Service with Attribute Table

12-15-2020 02:10 PM
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I'm working on developing a custom print service for my urban forester team. We have designed a layout to be published as a print service for them to create maps on their own that have our branding and other important info.

What I would like is to include an attribute table that is included as a second page with this print service, with the rows corresponding to the features that are in the visible extent of the map. I've played with the screening widget, but the inability to sort rows in the output is a bit of a roadblock. I'm drafting my layouts and publishing services on ArcMap 10.8 and I have been following this tutorial.  @TanuHoque your videos have also been very helpful!

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Hi @MichailaMusman 

First, we highly recommend you to use ArcGIS Pro in this case. It has reporting capability that you can easily integrate with a print service.

Could you please check out this blog post and ArcGIS Pro reporting capability and see whether it helps you in your use case?

Print reports from ArcGIS Enterprise web apps 


I'm glad that you found Esri videos on print service helpful. Thanks


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