how can i make a transit bus map (schematic) using ArcGIS schematic? or any other product?

08-21-2017 06:13 AM
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I have an opportunity with a client of mine, the scenario is as follow, they wanted to draw the transport lines on the map using GPS coordinates from the field, and after getting all the coordinates for the bus, they wanted to export as schematic map to be printed and distributed in every bus station.

an example of the requested result

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We have developed an automated process for the transportation ministry to do just this, based on geometric network of the bus routes & ArcGIS Schematics.

You can see a copy of the sample map we produced using this process on the ArcGIS Map Book Vol.28 (page 96): Map Book 28 

If you want we can discuss possibilities of using the knowledge & code we have. Please contact me through email: .


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