GTFS Stops with time points

01-22-2018 01:26 PM
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I've been using the GTFS Data in ArcGIS tools (which are great!) but can't seem to create a stops feature class that includes the time points.  My GTFS feed has the stop_times.txt file but the base Display GTFS in ArcGIS tool doesn't use it as an input.  Any suggestions? MMorang-esristaff


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Hi Scott.  The Display GTFS Stops tool in the Display GTFS in ArcGIS toolbox currently just reads the stops.txt file and dumps it into a feature class.  It does not look at stop_times.txt where the timepoint field is located.

Is this an important piece of functionality for you?  If so, I could add it to my to-do list.  It would help if you further explain why you need this information and what you would do with it if it were present.

One consideration is that the GTFS specification does not require that any given stop always be a timepoint.  A stop could be a timepoint for one route but not for another.  So what would you like to see in the stops.txt file?

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