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Enhanced Logistics for Operational Efficiency in Petroleum

06-24-2020 03:18 PM
Esri Contributor

Thank you to those who were able to attend the Esri Petroleum webinar on June 16, 2020, tilted, "Enhanced Logistics for Operational Efficiency in Petroleum." Please enjoy and peruse the recording at your leisure.  


For further information, please see the resources below: 


Select questions and answers from the webinar session. 

  • I am a master’s student in GIS, how can I get the data and software for project?
    • You can access the software through your university or as an annual purchase through a student account.  Here is the link for the Student use software (  If you do not purchase the StreetMap Premium dataset your next best option is to investigate the Open StreetMap Data or use the ArcGIS Online tools if your studies don't take you off the commercial road network.
  • Do the schemas of the tables have to match a certain set to solve the vehicle routing problem?
    • Yes, the schemas do need to match for the algorithms to function properly.  You will need an input layer for all of the stops that need to be visited and the orgin/destination locations. You can append the data from your input layers to the VRP schema using the field mapper option in the append tool.
  • Does the user of webmap need to have a license to use network tool?
    • The user of the web app would only need a license that allows them to create content. The VRP tool is published using the Network Analyst Server Extension, which isn't tied to any specific user. The manner in which that web tool is shared through the Portal will determine who can use it.
  • How often is StreetMap Premuim updated? E.g., when new roads are being work on?
    • StreetMap Premium is updated quarterly by HERE. You will receive the updates along with tools to update your dataset in ArcGIS Pro.
  • How do you keep the live location of the truck/transportation?
    • This is more of an IoT question.  You would need to ingest the vehicle feed into something like GeoEvent Server or Analytics for IoT.  This would produce a service by which you could ingest and see near real-time update in your app.
  • What if a company is using a contractor? For Example, the company doesn’t own the truck so they have to outsource for whatever reason, can you still keep track through the Nav?
    • Yep!  So long as the contractor will allow you to access that logistics feed - that can be as simple as giving the driver a mobile phone...
  • Is there a URL schema to push to Navigator the route or do you have to publish the route to server?
    • In the scenario we showed, the URL schema called the Navigator app and passed the map (MMPK) item ID and the corresponding route layer item ID as parameters. Both the MMPK and the route layer items would need to be published to Portal to do this. An alternative would be to push a stop list to Navigator. When this is done, the names of all the stops (in the optimized sequence) are passed as parameters in the URL. So there would be no need to publish the routes to Portal first.
  • What if I don’t have Network Routes as I have don’t have Network Road?
    • You must have some sort of data to route against.  The data needs to have the appropriate network and logic built in order to generate the intelligent route to avoid one way roads, not turn down one way streets, etc.
  • Is there technology and solution used for shipping?
    • Great question, reach out to us.  Although the tools we showed today focused on vehicle fleets, there are tools in the ArcGIS platform, that could be used in support of supply chain and vessel traffic to be used to optimize pickups/deliveries and cargo shipments.
  • On Web AppBuilder, do you have a custom geoprocesing to create routes?
    • No custom geoprocessing, we are simply publishing the tool configured in desktop to the enterprise environment as a geoprocessing service.  The GP service is then referenced in the out-of-the-box geoprocessing widget within WAB. We will share a resource on our Webinar page to help guide you through setting this up. If you have questions, just reach out to us!
  • How do you build that in Experience for ArcGIS?
    • Experience Builder is NICE!  This is a new product and an entirely new code base when compared to Web AppBuilder.  We will post our code samples when ready to our webinar site for all to see.
  • If we have custom routes, can I view these routes in Navigator?
    • You sure can view your custom roads/routes in Navigator.  Once you integrate your custom roads they can be viewed and used by everyone if you have licensed the commercial data.
  • How are you tracking which stops have been visited by the lease operator on a daily route?
    • This can be done by various methods Mike, by time stamp, by crossing a geographic buffer, by manual entry, etc - there can be several triggers set.  In this scenario, workers would complete a form in Survey123 when their activity is completed. The timestamp of the form is then compared against scheduled time of the stop.
  • Where are those outputs saved; orders/sequence, and routes specifically? Shapefile in your file structure? or is that saved just in ArcGIS online?
    • No Shapefiles! :). This is all within the enterprise database associated with the deployment. The outputs for the desktop tool can be saved as feature classes within a FGDB. A tool can then be run to share the output as route layers and feature layers/services to your ArcGIS Online or Enterprise Portal. The tool in the web app created an output stored as a feature layer in the Portal.
  • How much would all of this cost, as far extensions go?
    • If you have no software you would of course need to purchase it.  If you already have Desktop and Network Analyst you can do all of the Desktop workflow.  Publishing as a web service would require the Enterprise components (ArcGIS Enterprise along with the Network Analyst Extension for Enterprise).  The most expensive part beyond that would likely be the purchase of the commercial road network.  You are welcome to reach out to us and we can help you cost this out.  I am guessing you probably already have much of the software you need.


Warm Regards,

The Petroleum Team

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