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Beyond Points on a Map: Adding Value to your Business

10-01-2020 07:05 PM
Esri Contributor

Thank you to those who were able to attend our webinar, "Beyond Points on a Map: Adding Value to your Business with Location Intelligence."

See the following resources for further information:

- Contact Esri's Adam Pittman at 
- Contact Esri's Matt Ballard at

 - Webinar Youtube Link:  Beyond Points on a Map: Adding Business Value with Location Intelligence Webinar - YouTube 

Questions and answers from webinar

Q. How is the route optimization technology effected by remote areas that are outside the normal cellular or mobile reception areas?

A. In areas without access to the internet, we are able to enable offline access for turn by turn directions and mobile mapping.  For example, in the morning a user might be connected to wifi and get their daily route downloaded before going out into the field.  There are ways to handle this and if it is a challenge you are having, we can provide more recommendations.

Q. Drone imagery was briefly mentioned, what would be the best way of increasing the value of the data collected other than just basic video or still imaging?
A. We will be happy to discuss one on one, but there are many other derived value products.

Q. Can I get help to build the petroleum hub with arcgis online?

A. We will be happy to discuss one-on-one. Please reach out to the emails provided above. 

Q. For route optimization does it work on mobile? And can we integrate this solution with SAP or IBM systems?

A. Yes, there is a mobile portion of that solution including turn-by-turn directions and data collection. We can integrate with various solutions such as SAP and IBM.  Would be happy to discuss further in a future call.

Thank you for your time and attention. Have a nice day.

Warm regards,
The Petroleum Team

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