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Error adding 360 images to Oriented Imagery Catalog

11-14-2022 07:50 AM
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I'm trying to add Drone 360 Camera images to an Oriented Imagery Catalog, but I always get the same error: "Error in adding images from folder.unsupported operand type(s) for /: 'str' and 'int'". If I add the images as Drone Oblique Camera I'm able to imoprt the images but then is impossible to visualize them. I attach an example of the error.



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Hi Sara, 

The imagery type selection should not make a difference while adding. It simply classifies the images as bubble or oblique. But you said that when you select Drone oblique it gets added. Are you adding it by selecting a folder?  I can try and recreate the issue on my end if you can send me a sample image. 




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Hi Sara!

There are two potential causes for the error that I can think of. Firstly, the name of your catalog has invalid characters. When naming fields in ESRI, you cannot use spaces (try naming your catalog to: catálogo_de_imágenes_orientado_3). Furthermore, there seems to be a bug that ESRI is working on with concern to the version of ArcPro and the functionality of the OIC toolbox. For instance, my colleague who frequently uses the OIC toolbox and I are working on version 2.9 because the tools run properly whereas the tools tend to fail with newer releases of Pro.

Feel free to reach out with any further questions! 


Lexi Zades at AerialSphere



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