'XY to Line': Edit Symbology based on Counts

02-24-2019 06:04 PM
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My apologies if this turns out to be a fairly basic question to answer:

I have a .csv file of approximately 6000 rows that comprise (among other data columns) city names accompanied by latitude and longitude values (see photograph attached). I've successfully managed to convert the XY data to lines within ArcMap; however, the number and density of lines makes it difficult to interpret these results in any meaningful way. I'd like to find ways to edit the line symbology, density, or color based on how many repeat instances of identical destinations are within the dataset. Some specific examples of changes I'd like to experiment with:

  • Color changes based on direction: lines begin red at their starting cities and end up green
  • Thickness/density of lines based upon frequency of occurrence: if there are 60 or so instances of los-angeles-ca to new-york-ny, it should be much more noticeable than a single instance of movement between tiny cities (if there is a way to make those small lines disappear, that'd also be interesting to me)
  • Gross/net flow: to further clean up the data presentation, is there a way to have ArcMap take instances of movement in opposite directions between two cities and reduce them to either gross flow (where density is based upon total movement between the two cities) or net flow (based upon taking the smaller total from the larger)? That could be a way to simplify the data visualization further

I believe the solutions to what I'm looking for can be found by right-clicking on the mapped data lines and accessing Properties > Symbology, but I don't know which specific steps to take beyond that. I appreciate any and all advice that can be given on this issue, or any additional suggestions on interesting ways to present this data. Thanks in advance for your time.

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