State Broadband Speed Heatmap?!

10-27-2020 11:27 AM
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Need your help Please! I am a relatively new ArcGIS user (New to GIS) and have been banging my head against this issue for a couple days now. I'm really at my wits end having googled continuously, trying everything I found.

I have a large polygon layer from an online FCC of broadband speeds for census blocks in the United States. My goal is to create a heat map with a gradient indicating areas with faster and slower broadband download speeds for my state. There are thousands of census blocks, each with a unique value. I created a "Definition Query" to select only the data from my state of interest, but there are still possibly tens of thousands of census blocks, each with a unique value. I am using the most recent version of ArcGIS Pro with an advanced license. Here is what I've tried:

  1. Simply drawing the polygons with a gradient color symbology - This fails as it takes far too long to draw all the polygons, and usually stops before it finishes.
  2. Download map to increase speed - This seems to have only downloaded the background maps, not the FCC online hosted layer.  No increase in speed.
  3. Interpolate using multiple methods - This seems to give non-sensical results and takes a long time to run for eacho of the methods.  I've tried the following methods:
    1. Empirical Bayesian Kriging
    2. Local Polynomial Interpolation
    3. Inverse Distance Weighting
  4. Polygon to Raster so that I could build pyramids - Unfortunately I get the following error on ArcGIS Pro with the most recent version: "ERROR 160203: Failed to load a resource (string, icon, bitmap, etc).  I have troubleshooted my Inputs by removing spaces, dashes and special words all to no avail. Here are the inputs I use from the dataset linked here:
    1. Input Features: Form477Summary
    2. MedianConsumerDown98
    3. Output Raster Dataset: Raster
    4. Cell assignment type: CELL_CENTER
    5. Priority Field: NONE
    6. Cellsize: 100,000 (I've also tried 52,000 which was the default value and got the same error)

I am open to any suggestions of how to make this gradient colored heat map.  

Thank you so much for your help, I have tried everything I could google!

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The main page is a Map Service, but the Census polygon aggregate data appears to be a feature service.  Pro may allow Feature Class to Feature Class to download this service, also specifying a bounding rectangle although the data owner should be contacted for permission to ensure this is acceptable use.

From the GET:

   Request URL:

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