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Runtime SDK 10.2.7 First QueryTask takes a long time

09-19-2023 09:17 AM
New Contributor II

Hey guys,

I am having a weird scenario after upgrading to .NET 4.8. We are still using ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.7. We are looping through our map layers and executing a query task, but the first querytask always takes 15 seconds and all of the next querytasks just runs under 1 or 2 seconds. We are using IdentityManager for the authentication.

Query Task Code:

QueryTask task = new QueryTask(new Uri(url));
query.ReturnGeometry = true;

Task<QueryResult> queryTask = task.ExecuteAsync(query);
QueryResult result = await queryTask;


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Esri Notable Contributor

What version of .NET did you upgrade from where it didn't happen? Was this the only change you made?

(just on a side note, the v10.x releases retired four years ago, and we encourage you port to the 200.x releases if you can)

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Regular Contributor

What basemap are you using?

If it's imagery take a look at this old post:

Query/Identify tasks will hit the image basemap and take a while to respond... We've had to specifically exclude that layer from query tasks to work around that issue for years now.

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