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Rotate, Scale Geometry Programmatically

08-06-2023 10:34 PM
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I saw that GeometryEngine only have MoveGeodetic and does not have RotateGeodetic method

so i was looking at  Rotation matrix
Therefore I was following  This post  and this post  when trying to rotate a polyline
it seems to be rotated but for some reason( I was trying transforming the real map point as the above post but it didn't seemed to work) the polyline seems to be offset  to a different place and it size changes.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @ofirrosner ,

We don't have any specific plans to add more geodetic methods to GeometryEngine in upcoming releases, but perhaps you might like to post this request on ArcGIS Maps SDKs Native Ideas place where we can monitor interest in this enhancement. We are adding a few new GeometryEngine methods in an uncoming release, so this is a continuing area of development that we can consider enhancements for.


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