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Read/Write complex graphics to KML

06-04-2023 12:17 AM
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Hello, im using version 100.12 or Esri Runtime nugget
I want to load complex graphic between old and new system

In my system i have a very specific layer that  can have all type of supported graphics(all graphics are created from the sketch editor)
in my layer:

  • Each graphic have unique label with color, font style and more 
  • the polylines can have line symbol that is loaded from .stylx
  • polygons cab gave line and  fill symbol that is loaded from .stylx

Furthermore  i have  3 special cases which are all point geometry with different symbol(because i cant create, for example text symbol from the sketch editor)

i followed the demo as described here 
but beside reading and writing simple point, polyline and polygon it seems i cant do much more(?)
is there a way

  • Convert  any graphic to kml object
  • extended the built-in kml parser
  • use other built in object(s)
  • other
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