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Plans for S63 support in the Runtime SDK?

02-10-2015 12:19 AM
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We are developing a maritime application and need to display S63 encrypted ENC files. We are aware that the ArcGIS server supports S63 already, but our application must work in a disconnected environment with a local repository of ENC files, so a tiled web service is out of the question.

Are there any plans to implement S63 support in the Runtime SDK for .NET clientside? And if so, what is the ETA on this feature? Also we would like to know if applications created with the ArcGIS SDK will need to obtain IHO OEM certification for the S63 side of things, or if the SDK will take care of these things and already be compliant?

Thank you.

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Would it be possible to get an update to the above?

With regard to S63 support we are also considering building our own solution for decrypting/storing of the S63 data, and simply visualize it using the ArcGis runtime. Currently, the only way to load a cell in the SDK is by specifying a file path to an S57 file. This is an issue because we would not be allowed to store the unencrypted S63 data on disk to be in compliance with the IHO requirements.

Is there some other way to load the cells, for example from a database or memory stream where we would have more control over the management of the unencrypted data? If not, are there any plans to implement such support?

We have looked at a lot of different mapping SDKs and frameworks, and so far ArcGis seems to fullfill all our requirements in terms of performance and rendering, except for the lack of S63 support client-side.

I appreciate your prompt response.



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