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MultiLayerPointSymbol containing SimpleMarkerSymbol not visualized in Runtime 100.11+ versions

09-27-2022 04:18 AM
New Contributor


In my application I am using multilayerpointsymbols to create complex symbols. Sometimes one of these layers may even contain a simplemarkersymbol.  This is for example useful if the symbol should contain one or more circles, connected by lines for example.

Below code shows how I use the simplemarkersymbol combined with multilayerpointsymbols. This used to work fine. For readability I simplified a bit of the code. In the actual code I read symbol geometry elements from a JSON file, but that will be harder to analyze. 

            SolidStrokeSymbolLayer lineSymbol = new SolidStrokeSymbolLayer(1, Color.Black);

            List<SymbolLayer> symbolLayers = new List<SymbolLayer>

            MultilayerPolylineSymbol multilayerPolylineSymbol = new MultilayerPolylineSymbol(symbolLayers);

            List<MapPoint> mapPoints = new List<MapPoint>();

            Coordinate[] coordinatesArray = new Coordinate[] { new Coordinate(0, 0), new Coordinate(5, 0), new Coordinate(5, 2), new Coordinate(5, -2) };

            foreach (Coordinate coordinate in coordinatesArray)
                mapPoints.Add(new MapPoint(coordinate.X, coordinate.Y));

            VectorMarkerSymbolElement symLyrEl = new VectorMarkerSymbolElement(new Polyline(mapPoints), multilayerPolylineSymbol);

            List<VectorMarkerSymbolElement> vectorMarkerSymbolElements = new List<VectorMarkerSymbolElement>();

            //add custom element to vectormarker symbol

            SimpleMarkerSymbol pointSymbol = new SimpleMarkerSymbol(SimpleMarkerSymbolStyle.Circle, Color.Transparent, 5)
                Color = Color.Transparent,
                Outline = new SimpleLineSymbol(SimpleLineSymbolStyle.Solid, Color.Black, 1)

            pointSymbol.Style = SimpleMarkerSymbolStyle.Circle;
            MultilayerPointSymbol multilayerPointSymbol = pointSymbol.ToMultilayerSymbol();

            VectorMarkerSymbolElement vectorMarkerSymbolElement = new VectorMarkerSymbolElement(new MapPoint(0, 10), multilayerPointSymbol);

            //add circle symbol to vectormarker symbol

            VectorMarkerSymbolLayer symLyr = new VectorMarkerSymbolLayer(vectorMarkerSymbolElements);

            List<VectorMarkerSymbolLayer> vectorMarkerSymbolLayers = new List<VectorMarkerSymbolLayer>();


            MultilayerPointSymbol sym = new MultilayerPointSymbol(vectorMarkerSymbolLayers)
                AngleAlignment = SymbolAngleAlignment.Map,

When updating to runtime versions above 100.11 the symbols are no longer visualized in the map. Though they are still 'renderable', as I am able to visualize them as a separate picture in a non-map environment using the "GetSymbol" function.


Has anybody else run into this problem? Did the SDK change on this subject?


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Hi Preeti,

thanks for checking this! My application is quite build around the FeatureCollectionLayers, so converting to graphics overlay would have quite the impact. I think I will just stick with 100.11 for now. Is there some way I can be notified when this bug is fixed?


kind regards,



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