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IdentifyGraphicsOverlayAsync return Graphics across Earth surface

08-27-2021 07:36 AM
New Contributor II

Is there any way in a SceneView to prevent IdentifyGraphicsOverlayAsync to return also Graphics object that are on the other side of the Earth?

It seems that IdentifyGraphicsOverlayAsync "see" the Earth as tranansparent.

This is a problem when you have a lot of Graphic on the entire Earth surface so that the probability of IdentifyGraphicsOverlayAsync to intersect some on the other side of Earth is not negligible.

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.



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New Contributor III

You may try creating an envelope around the interested region.  Later use geometry Intersect function to find all graphics which are overlapping each other, but I m still not sure whether this will resolve your problem or not.

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Esri Notable Contributor

We have not been able to reproduce this behavior. Could you possibly create a sample that demonstrates the problem?
Also which version are you using?

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