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FeatureCollectionTable throws exception for GeometryType.Envelope

04-28-2023 07:00 AM
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FeatureCollecitonTable with GeometryType.Envelope throws exception, saying that Exception for type Envelope : Geodatabase geometry type not supported.   I'm trying to create Feature with Geometrytype.Envelope.  Attached are the json files for four Fields and spatial reference.

I'm using

FeatureCollecitonTable fcTable = new(fieldList, geometryType, spatialReference, false, false);

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It is exactly what the error message says: Envelope is not a supported geometry type to store in an ESRI GeoDatabase. Use Polygon instead.

Supported types are: 

  • PointThe geometry type will be point.
  • MultipointThe geometry type will be multipoint.
  • PolygonThe geometry type will be polygon.
  • PolylineThe geometry type will be polyline.
  • MultipatchThe geometry type will be multipatch.
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I know.  I did the conversion to Polygon.   Isn't it not consistent to have GeometryType.Envelope but not supporting in GeoDatabse?   You could do it internally in Esri side.  

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Sure but historically there's never been envelope as a geometry type in the geodata. The envelope is a special case geometry mostly used to just determine extents of a geometry and as such is a "helper" type separate from the other types. In hindsight it probably shouldn't have inherited from Geometry to begin with.