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Address index searching

01-22-2015 11:08 AM
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How do I implement index searching for address similar to Google map search?

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you can create Locator in ArcMap with the style you want and Share it has Runtime Content and then use it like this sample :

Geocoding | ArcGIS for Developers


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Thank you very much for the response.  I am sorry for not making my question clear.  Here is what I would like to implement Autocomplete/Autosuggest feature when user perform the location search.  I was able to use QueryAsync to get the list of addresses or streetname from the feature in geodatabase then bind to ComboBox that has Autocomplete feature.  I found this way had an issue because of the hit with memory increasing in the way up to 400MB.  Is there a better way to implement it?

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Unfortunately we don't have any specific auto-complete functionality at the moment - but here's an example of how you could implement it in a WPF app:

It's built against the previous WPF SDK but should give you an idea of how you could implement similar functionality in the .NET SDK.



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