National Government Webinar Series: Microsoft Integrations with ArcGIS

07-29-2021 05:06 PM
Esri Contributor

Microsoft 365 provides the world's leading business productivity tools, which have become the common toolset for everyday work. Today you can enable the applications that come with your 365 subscriptions with ArcGIS, to integrate spatial workflows into your everyday productivity tasks. This includes geoenabling data in SharePoint and Excel, publishing layers that can be reused by others, flowing information into Power BI reports and making this all discoverable within Teams.

•Learn ArcGIS: Try ArcGIS for Power BI

•Learn ArcGIS: Try ArcGIS for Office

•Learn ArcGIS: Get started with ArcGIS Maps for Office


For those that registered for UC 2021:

ArcGIS and Microsoft 365: Better Together


Resource website pages w/ additional resources at bottom of page:

ArcGIS for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Power BI Resource Page

Esri ArcGIS Power BI Resource Page

ArcGIS for Office Resource Page

ArcGIS for Teams Resource Page

Previous Webinar Recording (May 2021)

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