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Webinar - Hydrospatial Infrastructures: The New MSDI

02-17-2021 10:44 AM
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Hydrospatial Infrastructures: The New MSDI

National Maritime | 2021 Webinar Series



Learn how new technologies and standards work best in hydrospatial systems to organize data, create information products, and support decision-making anywhere and at any time through sensors, artificial intelligence, and experts far apart from each other.

This webinar covers the following:

  • How to work with voxels and do multidimensional analysis
  • Taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data using software as a service (SaaS) for mapping and analytics
  • How to quickly create effective web services
  • The role of the IHO S-100 series


This is a continuation from the 2020 webinar, "Transforming an MSDI into a Modern Hydrospatial Infrastructure."


Webinar Resources: 


U.S. Vessel Traffic App - Esri Living Atlas

ArcGIS Hub Overview

Kubernetes Website

Esri Developer's Summit Overview



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