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Webinar: Visualizing the Uncertain Future with GIS

03-03-2021 06:51 PM
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Business Continuity Challenges and Today's Breakthroughs


Everyone is striving to navigate the extraordinary health, economic, and natural and man-made disasters we are experiencing, and looking for ways to be more responsive going forward. Exemplary commercial and government organizations are demonstrating how geographic information system (GIS) technology is enabling them to visually understand, analyze, and decide how to effectively advance their missions in this new environment. Using geospatial infrastructure, they are planning, responding and mitigating risks to sustain and evolve their operations in new ways, from COVID-19 tracking and vaccination planning to disaster response and resilience. Join us for this webinar to learn how you can realize these breakthroughs for your organization using GIS.

This webinar includes the following:

  • World Crises and Governments—Health, economic, and natural and man-made disasters
  • Disaster Data—Visualization and analysis
  • Business and Government Agency Continuity
  • Successful Case Studies:
    • Situational awareness—Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 dashboard
    • Prediction—COVID-19 trend dashboards using GIS
    • Mitigation—GIS-enabled solutions for COVID-19 vaccine distribution
    • DIY—Plan, respond, and breakthrough to new opportunities with GIS


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