Return licence files actively after uninstalling?

07-17-2019 02:21 AM
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Do I need to return actively uninstalled Esri software / licences in MyEsri?

A colleague of mine has unistalled its ArcMap and ArcPro but the licence files are still visible in MyEsri with the status "not aktivated. There is a tab called "cancel/reverse licence file" (Lizenzdatei stornieren in german). Do I have to use this to clear them?

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Hi Nora,

Thanks for the question and apologies on not responding sooner. If you want to use those authorizations that are actively uninstalled in your licensing file then yes you should return them. To return them you would need to deauthorize all of the active authorizations that are bundled in the licensing file. Once all of them have been deauthorized, you should see a cancel option on the licensing file in My Esri. After you cancel the file, the actively uninstalled authorizations will be available for you to re-license.  I hope this helps. 


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Hi Josh,

Thanks for replying. So I guess, this deauthorization has to be done e.g. in the ArcGIS Administrator before deinstalling it? Is this right?

Is there any chance by doing the deauthorization and returning the licence of an ArcMap/ArcPro after having already uninstalled it?