Using Model Builder / Task Scheduler to do nightly updates to feature class

07-29-2020 07:59 AM
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ArcGIS v10.6

I would like to schedule nightly updates to a field in one feature class on SDE based on edits made by editors during the day. However, I am unsure about the workflow. 

GIS editors create a version for themselves at the beginning of the week. Post/Reconcile of versions occurs every evening. Compression and deletion of versions happens on weekends. I was planning on scheduling this task after the nightly Post/Reconcile. 

My question is: If I use our GDB Owner connection file in the model, does it edit the SDE default version directly? Or do I need to specify a version somehow in the model? If it edits the Default SDE version directly, will this conflict with the edits made during the day by our GIS editors? 

I have tested the model and it works. The model I would like to run on a nightly schedule would do the following:

  • Disable editor tracking (I do not wish to count this as a edit to the data)
  • Make Feature Layer based on SQL Expression that looks at the editor tracker date field to find any rows that were edited in the last 24 hours (disregard the 30 days I am using for testing in the photo below)
  • Field Calculate a URL field based on a value in another field.
  • Enable editor tracking

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