Rename a field in Feature Class to Feature Class tool

05-22-2019 12:01 PM
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I am trying to rename a field using Field Map in Feature Class to Feature Class tool, using inline variable, but it is not working, I want to add the base year at the end of the field name, in the output feature class, for example in this case I want to rename the field  from 'BASIC' to  'BASIC_18'

Base year can be different for each area so I have it as a variable and a model parameter, to be entered by the user.

Here is how I have set it up in the model

I tried with and without quotes %BaseYear%, but still it is not adding it.

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Because these field maps are handled at validation time, not at run time, the approach you really need to do is to use the Calculate Value tool to generate a field map dynamically at runtime using the arcpy FieldMappings objects in a Python function. Re: Generalizing Fieldmaps in ModelBuilder

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