RE: Bump Mapping Tools

05-11-2020 03:17 PM
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I am using Model builder in ArcGIS desktop 10.7 to see if I can emulate the bump mapping tools from several years ago. I am trying to use the Raster Calculator to generate raster points from a raster layer. Here is the original formula to do this. I understand that $$rowmap and $$colmap no longer work in the latest version of the raster calculator.  What is now used in place of $$rowmap and $$colmap?  Thanks.

(eucdistance(con( ($$rowmap mod int(normal() * 5 + 10) eq 0) and ($$colmap mod int(normal() * 5 + 10) eq 0),255),#,#,60,#)) * (-20 / 10) + 120

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